Growing Zoysia in the Mid-Atlantic

There are many intimidating factors when considering re-sodding your yard. We all want to have one of those lush, deep green lawns with the perfect mow pattern to spark up some friendly competition with Bob next door, who always has the perfect lawn... Thanks a lot, Bob. But in today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s difficult to find time to even brush your teeth in the morning... So how would you ever have the time to consistently water, fertilize, and deal with the necessary upkeep a beautiful lawn requires? In your desperate search to find both an attractive AND low-maintenance option, you may have come across the term ‘Zoysia’ grass, only to immediately scratch that possibility when discovering it isn’t grown in areas such as Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware...

Zenith® Zoysia prior to harvest

A common misconception...

A common misconception of zoysiagrass is that it only prospers in southern coastal geographic areas of the United States. Traditionally this is true, zoysia loves the heat of the summer and can be found mostly in dry, hot, and sandy states – Think beach homes and vacation properties – Reason being that warm season lawns require much less maintenance with the only drawback of turning completely brown for half of the year. Traditional zoysia has not commonly been found in the Northern regions because of its intolerance to cold temperatures, making it susceptible to ‘winter-kill.’

Fortunately over the past few years, new varieties of this hardy, drought-resistant grass have been specifically bred for improved cold tolerance. This allows zoysia to be able to flourish in the mid-Atlantic, as well as Northeastern regions of the country. Here at Central Sod, we have taken advantage of these newly available superior blends. We now grow Zenith® Zoysia, which is specifically developed to not only maintain all of the beloved traditional qualities this warm-season grass has to offer, but can also fair the cooler seasonal temperatures you will find in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.

Benefits of Our Zoysia
Roll of Zoysia Sod
  • Reduced weed chemical requirement
  • Quick self-repair of damaged areas
  • Great drought tolerance once established
  • Slower vertical growth, decreased mowing frequency
  • Great wear tolerance
  • Superior cold tolerance compared to other Zoysia blends

We’ve had great success growing Zenith Zoysia on our farms in Maryland, and consumer demand from the surrounding area has been steadily increasing. Our customers have found that not only does Zenith Zoysia look beautiful with its emerald green color and thick texture, but also requires minimal irrigation and mowing. It’s a win-win.

Why Zenith® Zoysia?

Zenith Zoysia is the best choice for Zoysia lawns in the transition zone because of its high cold tolerance compared to other Zoysia. Also, it looks great and has a texture similar to Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue.

Great for Vacation Properties

Since our Zoysia is very low maintenance, you can spend your summer with your friends and family instead of doing yardwork!

Slow growth means it only needs mowing once every two weeks!

How to Order

Orders for pick up and delivery can be placed over the phone or click here for our online store . If delivery is unavailable through our online system, call our office for a quote! We can deliver almost anywhere, including downtown Washington DC and Philadelphia.