Zenith® Zoysia Grass Sod

Zenith® Zoysia Grass - sold by the square foot

Zenith Zoysia is a great alternative to traditional lawn grasses. Its is bred to be cold, drought, and disease resistant which makes it work especially well from New York south into the Carolinas. It also requires much less fertilizer and mowing when compared to Kentucky Bluegrass or Tall Fescue.

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Zenith® Zoysia Grass Sod is available for purchase in increments of 50

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Zoysia sod is great for those looking for an alternative to more maintenance intensive lawn grasses! Central Sod has premium Zenith® Zoysiagrass available for pickup and delivery! Some benefits of Zenith® Zoysia include:

  • Reduced weed chemical requirement
  • Quick self-repair of damaged areas
  • Great drought tolerance once established
  • Great wear tolerance
  • Superior cold tolerance compared to other Zoysias

Note: Zoysiagrass is a warm season grass, and turns completely brown after the first frost in the fall and will turn lush green again once weather warms in March or April

Zoysia Installed in New Jersey

How Zoysia is Shipped

Our Zoysia is cut into 5 square foot slabs that are stacked 100 per pallet. Each pallet holds 500 square feet of Zoysia sod.

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Sod Delivery Zones

If you do not live in the "Daily Zone" please call our office as our website cannot calculate the proper freight discount. We also can provide quotes for anywhere on the East Coast all the way west to Ohio. Just give us a call at 800-866-1387 for an easy quote.

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Where can I pick this up?

Zoysia is available for pickup only at our Centreville, MD location. We also can deliver if picking up is not an option!

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Additional Info
Additional Info
State Certified Yes
Roll Dimensions 1.5' FT x 3.3' FT
Roll Size 5 SQFT
Roll Weight 20 lbs (depending on conditions)
SQFT per Pallet 500
Brand Zenith
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Delivery Area

We ship seed, fertilizer, grass plugs, and other merchandise across the country via Fedex or UPS.

We normally ship sod, terra-totes, and bulk products to the Mid-Atlantic area, including DE, MD, DC, Northern Virginia, Southern PA and NJ. See our other service areas if you are not located in the Mid-Atlantic, or call us for a custom quote! We will deliver almost anywhere!


Product Faqs

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  • How soon after planting the sod should I Mow it? Also, what height and do I need to make sure clippings are picked up or blown off the lawn?
    You can mow it 1 week after planting... Mow it at a higher mower setting the first 1 or 2 times you mow it. Thanks!
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  • I have noted some people burning The dormant grass off in the early Spring do you recommend this practice
    No, this can damage the grass if it starting to come out of dormancy. We recommend cutting it very low once the threat of frost has passed. This will remove most of the dormant grass blades without injuring the new growth.
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  • If you cut zoysia lower than normal will it come back?
    Yes, Zoysia will generally come back after being mowed very low, however it is better to slowly reduce the height over several weeks as opposed to scalping it all at once. Do not mow it low during winter when it is dormant as the grass blades will help to insulate the roots from low temps.
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  • I'm having some landscaping work done this winter. When is the best time to have zoysia sod planted? I'll mostly need about 1500 square feet.
    Zoysia CAN be installed during the winter, but will lay dormant and not take root until spring. We usually recommend that Zoysia be installed anywhere from April - September, but winter installations are usually successful as well. Please email or call if you have any other questions! Thanks, Jack
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  • How soon should sod be installed after receiving delivery?
    The time you have to install sod depends greatly on the outside air temperature. Sod is a living plant and begins to decompose as soon as it is rolled up. The number one factor in decomposition rate is heat. If the temperature is in the 80's or higher, you should install the sod within 24 hours. If the temperature is in the 50 - 70 degree range, you may have a couple days to install it. If it is near freezing outside, you have up to a week to install sod. When in doubt, its always best to install sod ASAP!
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  • how many sq feet come to a pallet of zoysia?.how many pieces on a pallet?
    Zoysia is cut in 18" inch x 40" inch slabs. Each pallet contains 100 of these 5 square foot slabs totaling 500 square feet per pallet. Thanks!
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  • When deciding how much to order on the order form, is the quantity value the number of square feet I need or the number of slabs I need?
    All sod quantities are in square feet. Thanks!
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  • What prep is required for the Zoysia sod? Can the sod just be placed over the existing grass or does the area need to be redone with a layer of new topsoil? Thanks!
    We recommend that you either add topsoil or just rototill your existing soil prior to planting... This reduces compaction and allows the roots to grow in much more rapidly. Thanks! Jack
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  • How will Zenith Zoysia Grass do in an area thatonly gets 3 hours of sunlight in late Spring. I have yet to have any success with variousgrass seeds or Zoysia plugs.
    Zoysiagrass prefers being in full sun, but improved varieties such as Zenith can tolerate partial shade since it has thicker blades compared to very fine leafed Zoysias. That being said, 3 hours of sunlight a day is probably not enough for any variety. You might try planting a shade tolerant seed blend in that area.
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  • I saw on your FAQ's that Zoysia grass can be planted in winter. I just bought 600Sq ft. Do I need to water it once it is down? So anything special while it is dormant?
    Water it heavily right after you install it. The cool winter weather and rainfall will keep it moist enough to survive until the springtime when it will come out of dormancy. You may or may not need to water it occasionally in the Spring depending on how dry the weather is. Thanks!
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  • Do you recommend fertilizing newly laid zoysia sod? If so, what type of fertilizer?
    If you are installing during the growing season (when Zoysia is green), we do recommend that you apply fertilizer to the soil before you install the sod. You can use any lawn starter fertilizer... Just make sure to follow the instructions on the bag so the correct amount is put down.
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  • Should zoysia grass be fertilized each year and when?
    Yes, established should be fertilized in the late Spring once it has mostly turned green. You can use any maintenance fertilizer labeled for lawns. Thanks!
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  • How often should I water zoysia sod once installed? FYI I'm installing in April.
    You should water every day for the first two weeks. After that you can cut back to every other day for a week, and then every third day for a week after that. After that, mother nature should be able to take over as Zoysia is very drought tolerant. Thanks!
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  • Can I still install Zoysia sod in september?
    Yes you can, though it would be best if it was done by the middle of september in the Mid-Atlantic area. Thanks!
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  • What preparation will be required for a sandy soil (beach sand in North Carolina)?
    You would likely want to mix some topsoil in with the sand to improve water retention and nutrients. Also, be sure to spread a starter fertilizer on the dirt prior to sodding. Thanks!
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  • Do you plant this as sod or are you supposed to use it as plugs?

    You can do either... Installing as sod is more labor intensive but gives instant results. If you would like plugs, visit our store at www.zoysiaplug.com  Thanks!

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  • What should I do to an area of lawn that is burned from dog urine?
    The quickest way is to dig out the soil about an inch deep and replace with new soil and sod. Alternatively, you can try to water the affected soil to dilute the urine and reseed or sod. The best long term solution would be to train the dog to use only a certain part of the yard. Thanks!
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  • What is starter fertilizer? 15-0-15?
    Starter fertilizer generally would contain phosphorous (which is the second number on the bag). We sell a 10-10-10 Thanks!
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