Terra-Tote Garden Soil

Terra-Tote Garden Soil

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Terra-Tote Garden Soil is available for purchase in increments of 1

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  • Buy 2 for $119.99 each and save 25%
A huge bag of premium soil delivered by Central Sod. This high quality, high-organic soil is great for growing grass, flowers, or a garden.
  • No mess or ruts left in the yard by a dump truck
  • No trips to the garden center loading and unloading bag after bag
  • Premium enriched BLACK topsoil
  • Each terra-tote contains approx 30 cubic feet of soil
  • Can be placed wherever you like in your yard accessible with our forklift... Just mark an X and we will put it there!

Curious about the difference between topsoil and garden soil? Check out this article to learn just that!

How Delivery Works

  1. Order - Order online or by phone
  2. Mark the Area - You do not need to be home for delivery; just mark where you would like the tote dropped with an "X"
  3. Delivery - We deliver within one week!

Additional Info
Additional Info
Brand TerraTote
Tote Dimension 37"W x 37"L x 37"H
Tote Weight 1800 LBS
Customer Reviews (2)
This is a must have
I buy this every year for my garden. I swear it gives me better vegetables and it so much easier than buying a bunch of individual bags. Review by Laura (Posted on 3/30/17)
Worth it!
Have used several times for lawn and vegetable garden. Good quality. Beats loading and unloading dozens of bags!. You'll still want some help spreading (and a wheel barrow or wagon if you can't get tote next to area to be covered). Usually takes me 2-3 days to unload when I do it by myself, but I'm 59. Review by Damselfly (Posted on 9/9/16)
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We ship seed, fertilizer, grass plugs, and other merchandise across the country via Fedex or UPS.

We normally ship sod, terra-totes, and bulk products to the Mid-Atlantic area, including DE, MD, DC, Northern Virginia, Southern PA and NJ. See our other service areas if you are not located in the Mid-Atlantic, or call us for a custom quote! We will deliver almost anywhere!


Product Faqs

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  • I need soil for a raised vegetable garden. What do you recommend?
    I would recommend the Terra-Tote Garden soil. It consists of topsoil enhanced compost, giving it the nutrients of compost with the water retention of topsoil. Our forklift can drop it into the raised garden as long as it is accessible by forklift. Thanks! Jack
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  • I am considering using 5 gal grow bags this year in my greenhouse, 96'*25' greenhouse. The bottom would be filled with wood chips. How many 5 gal grow bags will one of the garden soil bag fill?
    You should be able to fill about 45 of those bags up to the top with each Terra Tote. Thanks and please let us know if you have any other questions!
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  • How many terra tote bags would I need for 1200 sq ft of sod?
    This really depends on how thick you want to spread your soil or compost. To amend your existing soil, you would want to spread about 1/2 to 3/4" inches of compost over the area and till it in with a rototiller. This would mean that you need just about 2 TerraTotes. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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  • If I order two bags and only use one of the bag this year will Terra-Tote Garden Soil still good to be use next spring ?
    Yes the soil is still good to use even if stored in the bag. Thanks!
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  • How much and which kind of soil would I need for a garden that has poor soil and is 35 ft by 25 ft.?
    I would recommend adding about an inch of compost and using a rototiller to mix it to a depth of 3 - 4 inches. For that size area, you would need about 3 totes of compost. This will actually give you a little over an inch of coverage. Thanks!
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  • Can your forklift pick it over a fence and drop it on the other side?
    No, it cannot. The forks are directly attached to the mast so the fence would get in the way. We might be able to get through the gate with the machine if it is at least 8 ft wide. Depending on how many pallets you are getting, some homeowners have decided to temporarily remove a section of fence for the forklift so that they don't have to carry several pallets into the backyard by wheelbarrow.
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  • With the garden soil for raised vegetable bed, will i need to add anything else to soil before planting, ie. manure, etc. Thanks.
    No, it is already compost enriched... Some people will also add some fertilizer, but it is not required since there is so much organic matter in the soil already. Thanks!
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  • Would one tote be efficient for about 125 hole for my garden each holes about 1.5 ft deep and a radius of about 1ft
    You would actually need just under 5 totes to cover that! Thanks and please let us know if you have any other questions!
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  • how much sod should I order for 1 terra tote of soil? we are laying sod where there are currently mulched beds.
    You would want to measure the square footage of each bed and order sod based on that number. The coverage of the Terra Tote will depend on the thickness so it is not a good way to estimate the sod. Thanks! Jack
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  • I live in a new build and the soil is worthless for growing anything. What soil should I use as a base to lay new sod?
    If you want to spread out the new soil and lay sod directly on it, I would use the Garden Soil. If you want to mix compost into your existing soil, use the topdressing mixture since it is 100% compost. Thanks!
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  • I am looking for a compost to topdress my flowerbeds with before I apply some mulch. I am hoping to get something closest to composted horse manure. Which of your soils would you recommend?
    I would recommend the topdressing mixture. It will provide the best result for topdressing flowerbeds. Thanks!
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  • I have a gate. how wide do you need to pass thru
    Our forklifts are just over 8' feet wide and require an opening of at least 8 1/2' feet. Please let us know if you have any other questions! -Jack
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