Can't decide between using sod or seed at your home? Sod is the quickest and cleanest way to get grass fast. The answer to "Should I seed or sod?" depends on how much time you want to invest in growing a dense lush lawn. While the cost for turf is higher, the frustration and hassle sod will save you is worth the investment. 

Disadvantages of Seed

  • Germination can take 10-30 days
  • Limited foot traffic for the first year 
  • Huge time and maintenance commitment 
  • Can only seed at certain times during the season 
  • Rain will wash away seed and seedlings 
  • Longer maturation period 
  • Requires more water

 Advantages of Sod

  • Instant grassification 
  • Sod can be installed any time of the year 
  • Grown in a highly maintained environment 
  • Well established lawn in two - three weeks 
  • State-certified sod has no weeds 
  • Sod will immediately stabilize erosion on inclines 

Keys to Sodisfaction

  • Our sod is grown from top quality state-certified seed blends 
  • Fresh - our sod is cut to order 
  • We offer quick pickup or fast delivery 
  • Customer support before and after the sale 
  • We grow premium turf designed for the mid-Atlantic 

With sod there is no seeding and no waiting. You'll find real cost savings in the time you would need to spend tending to seed, watering and fertilizing. If you choose to sod, and we hope you do, choosing the right type of sod is the next step.